Shipwreck Odyssey Interactive Installation

A journey from the Coral Reefs of Australia to the Depths of the Pacific.

Dates: Saturday, 15 June – Sunday, 28 July 2024
Times: 10:00am – 3:00pm, daily
Entry: FREE
Venue: CCC Gallery

Shipwreck Odyssey was originally commissioned by the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Exhibition statement:

Shipwreck Odyssey gives the audience a moment to come alive and create their own aquatic adventure.

You are led on a voyage of discovery beneath the waves as you interact with the wonders of our oceans.

Take a plunge into the world beyond our shores as your interactive journey in light and movement reveals mysteries of the ocean depths. Dance with stingrays, bask with whales, run with vistas of plankton as we take you deep into Shipwreck Odyssey.

With an environmental focus, Shipwreck Odyssey combines projections and immersive experiences to create an aquatic playfield for all to enjoy.

Artist bios:

Immersive technology that evokes a childlike wonder.

Shipwreck Odyssey has emerged from a collaboration between Box of Birds and The Australian National Maritime Museum. Together we are forging new ways to help people rediscover their love of the sea.

The Box of Birds team have created three major installations to date: Creature, Mountain and Space Play.

Tens of thousands of participants have enjoyed playfully interacting with these productions.

Audiences of all ages – the young and the young at heart – are entranced by our mesmerising interactive projections and enchanting play spaces.

Explore the Box of Birds website here.

Dates & times
Saturday 15 Jun
Sunday 28 Jul
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