Winterfest 2024

Explore the full program of daily arts workshops, free films and an interactive exhibition.

10am – 3pm, Saturday, 15 June – Sunday, 28 July
Shipwreck Odyssey Interactive Installation

Photograph of a group of children standing in front of a huge interactive projection.

10am, Saturday, 29 June
Winterfest Workshop: Weaving for Kids

Photograph of small weaving in natural fibers and colours.

10am, Sunday, 30 June
Winterfest Workshop: Shooting Like a Pro with your Phone

Photo of phone camera taking a photo of a landscape.

1pm, Sunday, 30 June
Winterfest Film: The Amazing Maurice (2022)

10am, Monday, 1 July
Winterfest Workshop: Where Learning & Music Collide (5 – 8 years)

Illustration of musician in a purple outfit with purple hair.

1pm, Monday, 1 July
Winterfest Film: Dr Seuss’ The Lorax (2012)

10am, Tuesday, 2 July
Winterfest Workshop: Art at Home

Top down photo of kid's hands doing crafts on a wooden table and newspapers.

1pm, Tuesday, 2 July
Winterfest Film: Scooby Doo (2002)

9am, Wednesday, 3 July – Friday, 5 July
Winterfest Workshop: Bell Curve 3 Day Series

Photo of three young performers in a dark room with dark outfits.

1pm, Wednesday, 3 July
Winterfest Film: Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

1pm, Thursday, 4 July
Winterfest Film: Sgt Stubby (2018)

12:10pm and 2:20pm, Friday, 5 July
Bell Curve

Close up photograph of Federation Handbells.

1pm, Friday, 5 July

Winterfest Film: Ice Age (2002)

10am, Saturday, 6 July
Winterfest Workshop: Using Grids to Draw

Close up photo of artist's hands ruling over an image.

10am, Sunday, 7 July
Winterfest Workshop: Create an Abstract Painting

Top down photo of an artist's hands with bright abstract painting in progress.

1pm, Sunday, 7 July
Winterfest Film: Clifford the Big Red Dog (2021)

10am, Monday, 8 July
Winterfest Workshop: Getting Started with Creative Writing

Photo of two children engaged in writing with pencils on paper pads.

1pm, Monday, 8 July
Winterfest Film: Paws of Fury The Legend of Hank (2022)

10am, Tuesday, 9 July
Winterfest Workshop: Where Learning & Music Collide (9 – 12 years)

Illustration of musician in a purple outfit with purple hair.

1pm, Tuesday, 9 July
Winterfest Film: The House of Magic (2013)

10am, Wednesday, 10 July
Winterfest Workshop: Creative Printing

Collection of mono prints on a white tablecloth.

1pm, Wednesday, 10 July
Winterfest Film: Think Like a Dog (2020)

10am, Thursday, 11 July
Winterfest Workshop: Grow Exhibition Workshop

Photo of a golden retriever on a lawn with brown hens.

1pm, Thursday, 11 July
Winterfest Film: Mummies (2023)

10am, Friday, 12 July
Winterfest Workshop: Watercolour Wonderland

Photo of a collection of watercolour cityscapes.

1pm, Friday, 12 July
Winterfest Film: Migration (2023)

10am, Saturday, 13 July
Winterfest Workshop: Fun with Portraits

Photo of artist and their dog in their studio.

10am, Sunday, 14 July
Winterfest Workshop: Cartooning for Kids

Digital cartoon action figure drawings in draft, on a grey background.

1pm, Sunday, 14 July
Winterfest Film: Ferdinand (2017)

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