Group exhibition: Superimposed

A display involving works produced by artists challenging their process and practice by re-imagining each other’s unfinished art.

Dates: Thursday, 29 March – Thursday, 4 April 2024
Times: 9:30am – 2:30pm, Monday – Friday
Entry: FREE 
Venue: Hills Hub, Emerald 

Public program:  

Superimposed participant Mark Westaway will be speaking of his involvement at the Creative Networking Night on Thursday, 14 March from 6pm. Learn more and book here.

Exhibition statement: 

Superimposed, hosted by Lana de Jager, is an initiative that was born at the end of 2021. It originally aimed to connect artists in the printmaking field, but, as you’ll see, many more techniques were employed during the creation of the works in the 2023/4 game. 

The game is all about artists challenging their process and practice by re-imagining each other’s unfinished art – wrapping each other’s work in new skins and playing alchemists with wet and dry printmaking, painting, and collage techniques. For the 2023/4 game, a collective of artists in Cardinia Shire and the Dandenong Ranges were invited.  

How the game works: 

> each artist provides original (mis/test) prints or unfinished work on paper from their studio; 

> the work is preferably in a single colour and between A4-A2 size; 

> the next artist is picked randomly and artwork is delivered to them; 

> the next artist does not know what the work looks like until they receive it and initially none of the artists know who precedes or follows them; 

> the second artist can modify, add to or erase parts of the original print. They donate their (mis)prints, materials and time, working to complete the artwork to a level where it can be exhibited. 

It’s not a competition. The goal is experimentation and (mis)adventure. The game is loosely based on a drawing game invented by the Surrealists in the 1930’s. 

This project is proudly supported by a 2023 Cardinia Arts Grant.  

Artist biography: 

Lana de Jager emigrated from South Africa to Australia in 1998 and settled in Melbourne. Having obtained a BA Honours Degree in advertising and visual communication in 1994, she followed her degree with 2 years as a lecturer [1995-1996] at Potchefstroom University and the East London Technical College [South Africa], teaching Graphic Design History & Techniques, History of Art and Still Life & Figure Drawing. She was also responsible for organising and advertising student exhibitions. Until 2016 she followed a career in Graphic Design. 

Printmaking, of all the arts, lies the closest to graphic design training. It is disciplined and the editioning of a fine art print develops meticulous self-restraint. In 2016 de Jager started producing art and focusing on building a career. The result has been 43 gallery exhibitions since February 2017, including 9 solo exhibitions. Lana uses solar polymer etching plates for intaglio printing, with a preference for less-toxic processes. 

Learn more about Lana de Jager here. 

Follow Superimposed on Instagram here, or learn more at the website here. 

Artwork credit: Chris A’Vard Britton and Rain White, Watercolour, collage, and etching, 2023

Dates & times
Thursday 29 Feb
Thursday 04 Apr
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