Hannah Hall: The Spaces Between

An exhibition of painting and sculpture that explores material, found in moments of quiet reflection.

Dates: Tuesday, 5 September – Friday, 13 October 2023
Times: 10:00am – 3:00pm, Tuesday – Sunday
Entry: FREE
Venue: CCC Capsule

Artist statement: 

“Material is important to me; it is where everything begins. This project acts as an exploration of material, found in moments of quiet reflection. By interacting with materials in my artistic practice, I discover a way of meditating on the world, finding a quietness which translates into the objects I create.

Here, you will find contrast, harmony, curiosity, and whimsy. Every object, textile, and painting is both individual and in communication with the objects that surround them. Connections and distances are formed by the arrangement, a community of things.

Within this curious selection of work, I seek to discover the spaces between material, to cross the boundaries of solid and soft, transparent and opaque, flat and sculptural. In this collection of paintings and sculptures, it is my intention here for passers-by, to ponder, discover and wonder, to find a moment of quietness in a world, that can often feel quite loud.”

Artist biography:

Hannah Hall is an emerging multidisciplinary artist, based in Naarm/Melbourne. Working between painting, textiles, and ceramics, Hall approaches her practice with curiosity and playfulness, driven by an interest in the connection between material and maker. Exploring how materials communicate with each other in combination and separation, Hall produces a range of both two and three-dimensional abstract works, which often attempt to cross boundaries between her chosen mediums.

Dates & times
Tuesday 05 Sep
Friday 13 Oct
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