Harmony of Worlds: Japanese Tradition meets Australian Wildlife

Anna Konecny has transformed the CCC Capsule utilising the traditional Japanese material of mizuhiki.

Dates: Monday, 8 April– Friday, 17 May
Times: 9:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday
Entry: FREE 
Venue: CCC Capsule 

Exhibition statement: 

Mizuhiki is the traditional Japanese art of tying decorative knots using paper cords, often attached to envelopes and wrapped gifts that are given during special occasions such as weddings, births, funerals, and special anniversaries.  

Mizuhiki is made of washi paper that is twisted and starched, then painted or wrapped with threads or metallic film. Each knot has a special meaning to it. 

The Mizuhiki is typically only used on limited occasions, however recently the artform has been highlighted and is gaining in popularity. They are now also used for jewellery and small interior design items.  

Artist statement: 

Anna, who was born in Tokyo and moved to Australia in 2007, has successfully made art using mizuhiki for many years.  

In the Japan Foundation Sydney’s 2020 online talent contest, Anna was the recipient of the Grand Prize. 

Anna creates traditional knots that can be adapted and used in everyday life. She also makes a range of Australian native flora and fauna, which she is showcasing in this exhibition.  

The mix of traditional Japanese materials and Australian creatures makes for an exciting experience for the viewer. 

Artwork credit: Anna Konecny, Wattle, Mizuhiki, 2023 (detail) 

Dates & times
Monday 08 Apr
Friday 17 May
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