Jen Bennett: Horoscopes

Cardinia Shire resident, Jen Bennett, imbues her art with strong feminine energy, bright colours, and expressive playfulness in this unique 12-piece series.

Dates: Monday, 26 February – Friday, 5 April
Times: 9:00am – 4:30pm daily
Entry: FREE 
Venue: CCC Capsule 

Exhibition statement:

Jen’s artistic practice starts with the question of how she can combine feminine strength and convey that in her art. Many late nights were spent with doodles, notes, and lists, which lead to an overall idea of this collection. With a background in IT training, it’s no surprise she turns to her computer to utilise a combination of her sketches and digital tools to create the very early mock-ups.  

For her horoscope collection, she looked to her family and friends and leant on her Astrology studies. Jen was able to bring through each unique star sign traits, albeit ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and create a cohesive collection that encompasses all these aspects whilst staying true to her strong desire of feminine strength, courage, and highlighting the hidden beauty.

Artist biography:

Cardinia shire resident Jen Bennett imbues her art with strong feminine energy, bright colours, and expressive playfulness. Having faced many of the pains women face, she translates this into powerful imagery that doesn’t hide negative attributes, but rather embraces them.  

Jen’s art is a reflection of her journey through life and likes to think of herself and therefore her art, like the Japanese practice of Kintsugi; where broken pottery is repaired with gold lacquer (a technique of fixing the shards and cracks) creating a more beautiful piece. 

Explore Jen Bennett’s website here. 

Dates & times
Monday 26 Feb
Friday 05 Apr
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