Martha Iserman: Environ

A dynamic collection of biology images seemingly engaging with each other.

Dates: Monday, 16 October – Friday, 24 November 2023
Times: 10:00am – 3:00pm, Tuesday – Sunday
Entry: FREE
Venue: CCC Capsule

Artist statement:

“I am interested in creating a visual ecosystem within the space where I use a multitude of plant and organism paintings of various relative sizes; images distributed in swarms and bunches across the walls, hanging from the ceiling, and pinned up from the floor in compositions that suggest their interactions.

My focus is on smaller lifeforms, mainly insect, arachnid, plant and fungi that are endemic to the Victorian landscape.

My goal is to create a dynamic collection of biology images seemingly engaging with each other.”

Artist biography:

Martha Iserman is a science illustrator and watercolor artist currently living and working in Belgrave Heights.

Martha Iserman is most interested in creating unique biological worlds by depicting familiar organisms in unfamiliar ways. Iserman’s painting style is very detailed, using color, composition, and form to break out of traditional representational art tropes. They create art as a way to interpret the underlying systems in history, language, and nature.

Iserman finds motivation in fossil collections, mycology, folklore, natural history museums, terrariums, esoteric traditions, entomology, and sea monsters. They love complex overlapping stories and visuals. Their process involves using high detail to dive into a subject fully.

Explore Martha Iserman’s website here.

Artwork credit: Martha Iserman, Mushrooms, Watercolour, 2020 (detail)

Dates & times
Monday 16 Oct
Friday 24 Nov
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